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A christmas campaign for BrandAlley 2021, created to help advertise sales for the seasonal holiday. Working along side Marketing, CRM and the design team to produce a series out comes. These included new email templates, email banners, animated email strip, affiliate banners and a winback calendar series.


brand identity development

Elf Shoes
Elf Shoes
Brand Identity
Email Assets

includes email strips positioned at the top of emails and 3 new email templates.

Christmas Email Strip
Desktop Email Example

Advent Calendar

Produced to engage customers and drive sales. Advertised through daily emails which include offers and giveaways. Alternatively, customers can click on email strip, linking to a landing page for a teat, thus reflecting a christmas advent calendar. 

Email Assets

static strip for site and emails. a second email strip also provided to drive sales.

Advent Calendar Ribbon
Advent Calendar Gif
Advent Calendar mock-up
Advent Calendar Mobile

advent calendar landing page for desktop and mobile

deals and giveaway banners for emails

Social & New year

Additional assets produced for like2buy instagram banners and to celebrate the new year with the UK and France company.

Instagram Assets

like2buy instagram banners. Promotion of each department

Like2Buy Banner
New Year Email Strips

two email strips for the UK and France company

Happy New Year Strip 2022 UK
Happy New Year Strip 2022 FR
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