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Email Strips

A series of animated email strips for BrandAlley, usually positioned under the header to promote sales within a designated area/team.

Wellness Strip

used for january to push sales relating to health and wellbeing

Recharge email strip
Outdoor Strip

prompt customers onto the outdoor page on BrandAlley to increase sales. 

Outdoor Strip

Kings Coronation

Animated email strip and promotional banner designed for kings coronation. To keep customers engaged banners were updated throughout the month. Plus a promotional banner and a celebration email strip for the day of coronation.

coronation email strip

blue strip alternating each week and purple strip for celebration

Coronation Week 1
Coronation Week 2
Coronation Final

coronation promotion banner


Animated email strip and promotional banner designed for sleeptember. Aimed to prompt sales throughout September as well as creating homeware specific emails. 

sleeptember email strip


sleeptember promotion banner

Sleeptember promotion banner

Christmas 2023 Banners

Animated email strip and promotional gif banner designed for Christmas used throughout November and December. Promotional banners updated weekly to rotate departments i.e Womenswear, Menswear, Homeware etc.

christmas email strip

BrandAlley Christmas Banner

christmas promotion banner - Homeware

Brandalley Promo GIF Home

christmas promotion banner - Womenswear

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